Saturday, 10 September 2011

Radiation Therapy Schools - How to Select One?

Radiation therapy is the science of getting rid of cancerous cells from the body. The ionizing radiation produced is focused on the affected area. This causes the tumor to shrink and finally disappear. This therapy also proves useful as a preventive measure, since a tumor is known to reappear in the future and radiation therapy helps check such malevolent growth. A radiation therapist can expect to make 70 to 80 grand per year. Besides, strong and consistent growth in the number of radiation therapist jobs is expected in the future.

What Courses Qualify You To Work As A Radiation Therapist?

A bachelor's degree in radiation therapy is an employer's most preferred degree, even a two-year associate program holds good acceptance. You can also pursue a degree in radiography and augment it with certification. There are about 100 radiation therapy schools in this country. These need to be granted recognition by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists or ARRT in short. Before applying to any one of these, please check if they have the necessary accreditation. You may also want to find out which are the top radiation therapist schools in this country.

What You Learn?

What are the courses taught in radiation therapy schools? Apart from courses imparting the knowledge of modus operandi of radiation therapies and the theories behind its working, a student also needs to study of body's structure and composition, computer science, math and so on. A student must know how to ensure protection from radiation, guarantee excellence, have sound knowledge of medical concepts pertaining to radiation oncology, setting up and conducting a treatment. You need to master how to calculate exact doses of radiation that a patient will be subjected to. Besides, a radiation therapist should be good at communication skills and this is essential to be able to educate patients about the process. Cancer patients are sick and emotionally weak. Thus, at times, you will need to provide emotional support to cancer patients.

After passing from radiation therapy schools, you will need to pass the ARRT exam. This may vary from state to state. As a rule, you should check what norms are in force in your state before opting for this course. In addition, you need to address the possibility of getting job in a different state than from the one where you went to school.

Nowadays, one can also study through online radiation therapy schools. This option is for those who cannot find time to attend school due to work or home duties. Studying online grants you the flexibility of studying at your own pace. A few things you ought to consider here are verify all the subjects and inclusive program of study before enrolling into any such program. Various schools offer diverse choice of syllabi, for that reason one must always make a comparison with other online programs. Check for all the indispensable requirements in the prerequisite area of the course description. You should hunt for the best online programs and check out reviews and testimonials by other students. However, if you have the time, it is better to opt for a traditional and time-tested mode of formal schooling.

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