Thursday, 10 November 2011

Those Wanting To Pursue A Career In The Health Care Or Medical Field Should Plan Their Education

Have you often thought that you would like to be working in some capacity in the health or medical field? Does the idea of providing some level of comfort and assistance to someone in need sound like a good day's work? If you have aspirations of working in this "in demand" industry, then it is time to plan your education as different occupations require different degrees.

This seems to be the optimum time to consider a career in health or medicine as an aging population has increased the demand for qualified professionals. There are numerous career choices in the health care industry so you will need to determine what your goals are in order to think about degree programs. Whether you want to work with patients or deal with the billing for services, a program exists to meet your educational needs.

Let's start at the bottom rung and work upward by first looking at some occupations you might consider if you are a high school graduate. Depending on your interests, you might want to consider a program for dental assistants, fitness trainers, or medical assistants. You can be any one of these right out of high school by enrolling in a training program.

You might want to consider an associate's degree program, especially if you are interested in dentistry because you could be a dental hygienist by extending your education. Also, some folks attend associate's degree programs to become radiologic technicians, respiratory therapists or LPN's. Perhaps you prefer a more "hands-on job" and want an associate's degree in message therapy.

If you are looking to provide a higher level of health or medical service to the public, then you would be wise to find a bachelor's degree program. With a bachelor's degree you might work as a physician's assistant or a registered nurse, or if working with patients is not your cup of tea, you may choose to be a health educator. Whatever your aspirations are, you will find a myriad of bachelor's degree programs to choose from in the health and medical fields.

We all know that more money means more responsibility and higher education. Those students looking to rise to the top in their chosen careers will surely need to enroll in a master's degree program. If you want to work as a social worker, mental health therapist, or health administrator, you will need an advanced degree. Be sure to research thoroughly to find the program that best meets your educational and financial needs.

Of course, the pinnacle of degrees in health and medical field is the doctorate degree. Graduater of Ph.D. programs usually work as researchers in areas of oncology or other research areas. Another example of a Ph.D. at work is a psychologist, while other Ph.D.'s work as policy makers or professors in colleges or universities.

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